15 -18″ Kosher Jewish SHOFAR Ram Horn Full Polished Good Quality Sound Synagogue


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 picturer for illustration only colours and shades can be diffrent than the pictures.


 All the shofaras are controlled by the rabbis because the instruments must be kosher.

A shofar is a musical instrument of ancient origin, made of a horn, traditionally that of a ram / used for Jewish religious purposes. . 

These high quality classic Shofars are made in Jerusalem, 

Each Shofar is made from Ram’s Horn and comes with a  Fully Polished    finish. Every Shofar is checked for blemishes and imperfections before shipping.

Shofar Ram Horn Natural 

Measures: approximately 15″-18″ Inch  38-45 c»m

Measurement is around the outside curve of the Shofar 

Each shofar may be little different in color and size that you see on the picture 

Each Shofar is original and unique. 

We have a large stock of Authentic Shofars in varied colors: ivory, black, ivory black 

All manufactured in Israel according to the strictest kosher supervision, producing beautiful shofars with clear tones that differ according to the customs and needs of different communities: Ashkenazic, Sephardic, , etc.  Made in Israel, Hand picked and tested before shipping

 Please note that each shofar is unique due to the nature of the product, and that your shofar may vary slightly in color and shape from what you see in the image.

How to take size (Measurement) of Ram horn Shofar 

You need to the Measurement around the outside curve of the shofar

You need to take Tape Measure and start at the Top edge of the

 shofar and measured it around of the outside edge of the Shofar.

Not from tip to tip

Each shofar can be different  color  and shape  

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15"-18" Inch 38-45 c"m


Fully Polished

High Jewish Holidays:

Jewish New year Rosh Hashanah Yom Kippur


color and shape may change

How to measure a shofar::

Measurement is around the outside curve

Country/Region of Manufacture::


color and shape

Each shofar can be very different in color and sha

From which animal is the shofar?::

Ram horn